Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yeast cake Denmark - Netherlands

It is European Football Championship time! The plague struck me. Football!
It is better to never ask about anything .Keep the mouth shut!
 And during breakfast,because I want to be nice, I ask: Are these gaming events fun? Then it started ...  " do simple things in the hard way" - as my dad says. It took a long time since I was dealing with a true football fan. So I had to wade through the history of European national teams and individual biographies, rules of games and many, many details ... I ended up with a big diagram on the fridge, so I did not forget what and how, and to no misunderstand the matches.  Due to the 6 hour time difference between us and Europe, most matches that are played out are in hours when Luke is at work. So it brings him to the question:Can you please watch the game for me, and fill me in on whats happening? Please ...
I'm utterly lost! I cannot watch the whole game no way! I thought of something useful. Yeast cake! Kneading the dough unloads my excitement! I still have my last jar of strawberry jam. Good fit for the cake.

Yeast cake: Denmark - Netherlands

 4 cups flour 
100g butter, melted 
2/3 cup sugar 
4 eggs
 glass of milk 
25g fresh yeast 
vanilla extract
 pinch of salt
 additions at discretion :) 
 Today I have strawberries, left over from juice production.

With 3 tablespoons flour, 1 tbsp sugar, crumbled yeast and 5 tablespoons of warm (not hot!) milk. We leave it to ferment and rise. Pour into a bowl the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, eggs and milk and pour the yeast slurry. I took a mixer and poured slowly dissolved and cooled butter. I let the mixer run  the until dough is smooth and shiny. Cover with bowl and leave it to rise. The dough has doubled in volume. Then remove the floured pastry board and slightly form by hand :). Transfer to a buttered onto a smeared paper plate. Add the strawberries on top spread beaten egg and bake in temp.320 degrees about 30 minutes.

Well-kneaded dough (with a huge load of my  emotions) grew like crazy! I had to bake in the two baking pans.

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