Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I like suprises!

Sometimes the best things come unexpectedly.  I had to sleep and recover. I wanted to have time to finally read through things I never had time to finish. I took up extra pillows, tea, and biscuits. I fell asleep. In the morning the phone rang and there was a change of plans. Unfortunately, again we start the day in traffic jams. This city never sleeps. There is always traffic that you are stuck in. At least there is the time for coffee and a bagel. Five thirty in the morning, and I'm already tired. I whine everyday in the morning ...  But what I had to do was done relatively quickly, and now I am standing between two avenues away from the park. I think to myself, why do I always drive by it, but never go in?  Once something that was a tourist attraction for me, is now just something I drive by everyday, and we both avoid each other without interest. The park somehow faded. It turned pale. I do not like this part of the town in Park Ave, 5 Ave, Madison, Central Park West, the whole museum. The splendor and flash. I heard on television that this year a Russian millionaire's daughter bought an apartment in this area for 80 million dollars. What for? The world is like a bubble that does not appeal to me. But, the park this time seduced me. I went into the green, full of huge linden flowers, where the morning was still, and the at one glance I saw ... wild strawberries!

I like surprises like that, and the day has been very successful.

 Today, I am not cooking. But I have to present a tasty salad, which we bought at Agata & Valentina (I will write about them soon.)

Orecchiette Pasta Salad
 a few cherry tomatoes 
green peas
 broad bean 
 grated parmesan cheese
 olive oil salt
 Cook the paste. Cook green peas and broad beans and after cooking, put it in ice water . Chop tomatoes and chive. Mix all ingredients, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with cheese. The salad was great, but it didn't necessarily knock my socks off.  In my opinion, it could have been included with  more ingredients. Ingredients such as,  olives, zucchini, and peppers. In any case the idea is good :)

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