Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New York - pastel

It's coming!

Yay! You can finally feel her in the air and follow her wonderful footsteps.  You can seek out the first blades of grass timidly breaking out of the ground, the small blossoming flowers on the trees, and the small haze which develops, and lets me know there will be changes. It will be beautiful, and no longer will the world be so ugly. 
No! I'm not going crazy!
Who cares if its only February?
And,  that in a few days, I will bake a birthday poppy seed cake for myself?
This year, there was no Winter! Perhaps because of the crisis my Luka told me about. 
He says that our powerlines cleared the Winter so that they could save millions on heating and clearing snow. 
Nevertheless, I am happy that this "crisis" occured, and as I hear Spring, I open my window and wait.

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