Saturday, February 25, 2012

Strawberry Johnny

I will say it outloud - I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! Since I remember I waited on them with longing. I remember I liked to go to my grandmother's village and  run in the strawberry field. I would gently  pluck the leaves and fruit. I loved the strawberries still half mature, white, pink and red ... Oh, and the cries of myself and my brother: I'm better! I have more.  You're stupid I have more! Etc. .. hahaha. We pluck them straight from the bush,  a sandy and fragrant vacation. Ah! I hated that it ended so quickly, and that we had to wait all year again ... Then when a few  changes occurred in our land and shops began to appear good, I saw the supermarket strawberries. They looked like the plastic strawberries my grandmother would have in her vase, the plastic ones, to decorate the house. One could knock out their eyes with them, and they were usually used for when my brother and I played with his soldiers.
Strawberries accompanied me for so many years. When I lived in New York, the situation changed. For here there is no seasons, no weeks, no beginning or end ... The noise and confusion, in this puzzle here, strawberries can be found at any time, in any season.This is why I love NY :) and recently, we found a new  strawberries lover:)

Strawberry Smoothie with wheat germ

450 g of strawberries
  200g organic vanilla yogurt
  a glass of organic milk
  3 tablespoons wheat germ
  3 tablespoons agave syrup 

All ingredients mix together in blender and go! A delicious and nutritious start of the dayWheat germ is a natural multivitamin concentrate, which also contains lots of minerals. I tried to add them to yogurt and cocktails :)


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