Saturday, March 24, 2012

"A Bun with Jam" or "Barefoot in the Grass"

.. and
 wake up from sleep Angels with green wings, 
in the the purple hyacinths smell of spring ...

Two jars of jam and bread rolls bought along the way, oh what is good in the outdoors.

Strawberry-rhubarb jam

The recipe by  I did a double portion yummy!
2 pounds of strawberries
600g rhubarb
200 g of sugar
Cook all ingredients until they thicken. My jam is quite "attenuated," but this is what I like.

Lemon - kiwi jam

Recipe from
It is amazing. We love this jam with scons, rolls, and even with some cheeses. Honestly say that it adheres strictly to the rule. And that's because I have no experience in making jams and, as usual, took it into my intuition.

5 lemons
 with peel thinly sliced

12 kiwi fruit
1 cup of sugar
half cup of water
Cut lemons, add water, and let it stand for several hours or for the full night. Boil with sugar for several minutes and add the diced kiwi. Cook until it thickens. After the addition of kiwi, and a short time of cooking ,  mix everything in a blender, and let it cool.

Sterilize the Jam Jars, in the oven. For 100 Degrees an about 1 hour.

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